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Breeding and showing Yorkshire Terriers is a privilege and Bricriu take the lives created with the greatest of responsibility.  Bricriu not only adheres to the Standard requirements for the breed, but strive to improve upon them. Bricriu's goal is a line of type expressive Yorkshire Terriers with vigor and intelligence, structure, balance, and soundness of form. Proper coat is of extreme importance as well as a proportioned dog with beautiful balance in size appropriateness. Soundness and structure go together as form follows function. The Yorkie is first and foremost a terrier and it is with a gentle firmness and a very large sense of humor that we move forward in our endeavors.


We are not out to increase the breed, but to improve upon it. Never do we look for that great show dog in a bunch of litters, but rather that each dog produced is of the best possible health, quality, and temperament. We love our dogs dearly and they are a part of our family, home raised and trained.


Few new comers to the sporting world of dogs are chosen and apprenticed anymore. Few really learn the value of the dog from the structure of the bones and musculature to the color and grooming of the coat. The gratitude and appreciation of true mentorship is a lost art that seems to have expelled long ago. We have been blessed to have been chosen and mentored. It is our extreme honor to have made lasting friendships in the do or die dog world. Producing beautiful Yorkshire Terriers is our every striving and continuing goal.


Because of these very special people, we are dedicated to furthering the advancement of the Yorkshire Terrier with the deepest respect and love of the breed. First and foremost to my family for their support and love, but especially to my uncle Joe dePoo (Lacoste) for instilling in me an appreciation of a beautiful dog and to accept nothing less.  Thank you Grandma for teaching me the most valuable lesson I have ever learned in dogs: “Read that standard, know it, and make your own picture in your head of what that dog should be. Always breed to that and you will never fail.”


A very special gratitude goes to Leslie Simms (Mystic) for not only mentoring us, but for those long weeks in the “kennel”, cleaning x-pens, delivering puppies, “Nuk-Nuk”, learning humans take second place, and so much more. Cookie Rogan (Jon-Ann), your passionate southern charm and colorful view of the world I will cherish forever.   Judy Vukmanich (Shady) you are a treasure. Your special friendship, faith, advice and support have been invaluable. Suzette Heider (Heiland) and Kathleen Kolbert (Turyanne) your years of experience show in your advice on puppies that never falls short of the mark. Barbara and Mark Polen (JustUs) have added a depth to our lives we never expected and are grateful for. Lastly, Gloria Bloch-Robinson (Windfall/Tumoro), thank you for your steadfastness, unfailing outlook, and belief in us and the dogs. You have mentored us in more ways than just dogs. Your shoulder of support, fabulous outlook, and treasured friendship- we never could have continued in the world of dogs without it and you. You are a Lady in every sense of the word, and the angel beneath our wings.



Member of:

Brevard County Dog Training Club  www.bcdtc.org

Brevard Kennel Club, Inc www.brevardkc.org

Central Florida Yorkshire Terrier Club, Inc  www.cfytc.org

Yorkshire Terrier Club of America, Inc  www.ytca.org

Space Coast Toy Dog Club, Inc




Origin of Kennel Name

I am often asked how I came up with our name and what it means. My husband is of Irish heritage and we named all our children with Irish names. When it came time to name our kennel, it only seemed natural that it too be Irish. I have always liked the sound of the name Bricriu. When heard in the Irish brogue it has a beautiful lilt to it that has always stuck with me. While I may never be able to pronounce it as beautifully, I felt it rang true with a breed that was as beautiful in as the name sounded.


Bricriu [brick-roo] Irish origin, meaning:  the vision and foresight to be able to organize and to hold positions of responsibilities with poise and self-confidence; create an optimistic outlook on life; the ability to express thoughts and ideas; friendly; likeable; generous; self-expressive; responsible; caring; interpersonal; empathetic; sincere; warm-hearted; generous; self-sacrificing; unselfish and altruistic, they have unconditional love for others; self-assured; attractive; charming; competent; energetic; diplomatic; poised; self-accepting; authentic; busy; productive; optimistic; versatile; spontaneous; honest; and practical



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