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Int, AM CH Bricriu’s Early Edition


Squirt arrived second in a Father’s Day litter and weighed in at a pitiful one and a half ounces. He was the pushiest, bossiest, loudest puppy to arrive on the scene and little or not, and early or not, he was not about to be pushed out. What could we do? Show him of course! He is Co-Owned with Kelly Smith of WeeWon Shihtzu’s and Nancy Douse, Tattler Yorkshire Terriers. Between the three of us, we can barley keep up with his demanding games of fetch and abundant activity; just like his dad Digger. Too bad we don’t have golden retrievers for him to run with!


CHIC #77082

OFA# YT-PA259/12M-P-VPI (Knee) Normal

OFA#YT-CA144/12M-C-CVPI (Cardiac) Normal

OFA# YT-TH 34/15M-VPI (Thyroid, Cornell University) Normal

CERF# YT-359755(11) Normal

Bile Acids(Cornell University) 4umol/L and 5umol/L


American Wins:








Greater Miami Dog Club, Inc.

Brevard Kennel Club, Inc.

Ft Lauderdale Dog Club, Inc.

Toy dog Club of South Florida, Inc.

Palm Beach County Dog Fancier's Association, Inc.

Mr. James Fredrickson

Mrs. Michelle Billings

Dr. Wanda Spedecci

Mr. Rondald H. Menaker

Ms. Charlotte Clem McGowan


International Wins:





International Sunshine Autumn Seiger

International Sunshine Autumn Seiger

International Sunshine Autumn Seiger

International Sunshine Autumn Seiger

Mr. Edward Wild

Mrs. Jane Roppolo

Mrs. Sharon Griffin

Mrs. Robin Hug



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